Jamie Oliver

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Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver was born in Essex on 27 May 1975. He was always surrounded by the best quality of foods. As a child he earned his pocket money by working in the kitchen of his parents' pub, Cricketers pub. After leaving school he wanted to become a chef, so he started to attend Westminster Catering College. After that he traveled to France to learn more about gastronomy.




He learned a lot from famous chefs, then Jamie's career led him to The River Café where he was spotted by a BBC documentary team and was offered his own show as 'The Naked Chef' in 1999. The show was a great success and his book including the recipes of the serie became a bestseller and the young cook came to the spotlight. Then came the next season: 'The Return of the Naked Chef' and after his mariage the 'Happy days with the Naked Chef' was launched. In 2002 he found 15 young guys who had known nothing about gastronomy before, and made them professional chefs through an intensive apprenticeship program at Fifteen Restaurant.


In 2004 The Feed Me Better campaign is launched in the UK to improve school meals. He launched his Ministry of Food campaign to educate people how to prepare cheap and healthy food. He is owner of Jamie's belief in good food for all is what our company is built on, and he is actively involved in the daily operation of all our businesses.








Many of the dishes on our menu are inspired by Jamie’s visits to Italy and the stories of Gennaro's upbringing on the Amalfi coast. Gennaro’s stories have added substance to what is now the essence of Jamie’s Italian – tradition combined with current, innovative ideas and a Jamie twist!



We work hard to find the very best ingredients for all of our dishes. Everything is meticulously sourced from producers who share our ethos and take enormous pride in what they do.



We train our staff to have a thorough knowledge of all the dishes we serve, too. We teach them the origin of each dish, how the dishes have been created and cooked, and the personalities and stories behind them all.





The ethos of the Jamie Oliver Group is about bringing together people and food, to help create a happier, healthier world.



JOSIE (Jamie Oliver Supplier Information Exchange) is a web-based system, created for the Jamie Oliver Group in 2011. It is designed to check the provenance of high risk products – generally proteins and processed food (anything with more than one ingredient, even olives for example, which sit in brine.)



JOSIE is key in ensuring the traceability, welfare and sustainability of our seafood, eggs and meat.




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