Erla Villa, the luxurious adult-friendly hotel


The Erla Villa boutique hotel is situated in a quiet side street of the historical downtown of Eger, also called the baroque pearl and ensures an ideal place for guests desiring quality adult-friendly relaxation time all through the year.


What gives the adult-friendly Erla Villa’s luxury style?


The Villa, bearing all the traits of boutique hotels offers 14 atmospheric, elaborately designed and uniquely furnished rooms and suites, characterised by a combination of modern and baroque styles, a creation of interior designer Zoltán Varró. The stylish interior gives you the atmosphere, characteristic of adult-friendly hotels, that enables the Erla Villa to offer its guests such a luxurious experience that can make a child-free relaxation really unforgottable. Luxury, style, comfort, silence: qualities of adult-friendly hotels that everybody deserves when longing for some sweet twosome or individual rest.


How do we define being an adult-friendly hotel?


  • Since we don’t accomodate children under the age of 14, our clientele is mostly made up of couples, married couples, pensioners and businessmen.
  • You will definitely not come across tired or cranky kids when consuming your dinner.
  • your quality relaxation time at the spa will not be disturbed by a single shriek.
  • Your peace will not be broken by loud stamping of feet coming from the corridor or next door.
  • At the hotel everything focuses on relaxation and engrossment.
  • When having half board you can select from dishes only for adults. we are done with cream of wheat or fishfingers.
  • In the intimate atmosphere of our bar you can enjoy real grown up conversations without being interrupted by young children.
  • In the Erla Villa silence and intimacy are guaranteed and included in the price.
  • Here you won’t be embarassed to enjoy some romantic time with your partner since most of our guests come to us to get close to themselves or partners after the dull weekdays.
  • Here you can enjoy relaxation in such a unique interior that is not spoilt by kids’ drawings on the walls or torn wallpaper. Everything is of high quality and was designed just for you – because we all deserve a touch of luxury in this grown up world.
  • For us the peaceful ambience is priceless and part of adult recreation, thus our services were created in such a way that everything is about women, men, couples, fathers, mothers and grandparents.


An adult-friendly hotel and garden we are really proud of


Both the interior and the exterior of the Villa were carefully planned and designed. We excluded noise and those factors causing clatter, conjured a dream garden where it is comforting to go for a walk and thanks to our adult-friendly services leisure is made possible in such a luxurious and unique environment that spreads over an area of 2,000 square metres.


One of the central elements of our adult-friendly hotel is a picturesque terraced garden featuring a waterfall over a fishpond. Attentive experts were entrusted with the design of the flora to support our guests’ relaxation, inner engrossment with colours, scents and harmony coming from nature. A refreshing walk, a short meditation, a stolen embrace on a hidden bench of the park can all contribute to a rest full of experience.


What you must know about the adult-friendly Erla Villa!


In order to guarantee our guests’ undisturbed stay and due to the nature of the Villa itself, it accomodates children over the age of 14 only. We believe that an adult-friendly hotel, thus  Erla Villa too, must provide convenient conditions to live those grown up experiences over again. A happy family life could not come about without healthy and well balanced adults. We have chosen to give you the chance to find your way back to yourselves, to eachother after the rushing and very often stressful weekdays. Time spent on ourselves pays off abundantly. Our adult-friendly hotel wishes to give its guests this experiences completed with a touch of luxury, that we believe, everybody deserves!