Active recreation nearby Eger

Active recreation nearby Eger


Programs nearby Eger in the spirit of active tourism


One of the biggest advantages of the Northern-Hungarian region is that it ensures the adventures of active tourism for travellers in the summer as well as in the winter. Not only the beautiful baroque Eger and the wine cellars of the Valley of the Beautiful Woman are attractive here but also the sights of the surrounding settlements that can be viewed during shorter trips. Those who have already been around here know that you cannot and it’s not worth visiting anything briefly. Your time here will be much pleasant if you plan a colourful activity nearby Eger for every day or for recurring trips.


Along with the pleasing Erla refection, active rest also feels good


The wonderful Bükk mountains themselves are worth a few excursions. It’s well known that there are several places here with healing-power so those who would like to heal besides refection should get their hiking equipment ready. Fortunately active tourism flourishes in the region so the most popular and the most interesting places are easily accessible even for those who plan not to go by car on an abounding trip. So bravely explore this magical land, get to know our traditions, characteristics and sights and experience our hospitality!


Places nearby Eger where it’s definitely worth paying a visit


The Valley of the Beautiful Woman


The Valley of the Beautiful Woman is Eger’s biggest area of wine cellars. Most of the wineries can be found here and one can get a taste of the pulsating life of local winemakers and vine-growing residents. The region is very popular with tourists and this way it is home for many cultural festivals throughout the year.


Several legends connect to the name of the Valley of the Beautiful Woman. According to some etnographers the „Beautiful Woman” was one of the goddesses of ancient religion, a Venus like figure, the goddess of love. Whether you believe or not, one thing is for sure: this region was inspired and created by love. Here, the soft volcanic rock of the Eger hills is very suitable for carving cellars.




The village of Noszvaj is located approximately 10 kms of Eger. The journey on the winding road is a pleasure. The declivous slopes of the Bükk, the wineries, the magnificient scenery will take your breath away before reaching Noszvaj. The small settlement which is one of the cultural centers of Northern-Hungarian active tourism is often mentioned for its programs keeping traditions. The famous cave houses, functioning as artists’ colonies can also be found here, and here runs the resourcefully made up Nature Trail of „palóc” folk tales but the De la Motte Palace and the Farmhouse also promise a time travel. Once being around here, you should, by all means, book an appointment with the Thummerer Family, the most famous winery of the village.


Szalajka Valley


Don’t be afraid to go on longer excursions since the region is rich in sights. One of these beauties can be found in Szilvásvárad, about half an hour drive from Eger. From among the programs nearby Eger probably the Szalajka Valley, also called „Valley of experiences”, will enchant the lovers of active recreation most. We kindly call the attention of travellers on the pre-historic man’s cave and the Veil Waterfall. After getting pleasantly tired in the fresh air you should, by all means, taste the local speciality: smoked trout – a unique taste at the end of a wonderful day.