Adult-friendly services at the Erla Villa

Adult-friendly boutique hotel in the historic downtown of Eger

Although the Erla Villa is located in the heart of the city, it is quiet and family orientated, and that it is especially recommended for those who enjoy active and diverse programs, next to having the opportunity to hide from the bustling outside world. In our hotel, adult-friendly services are designed so that if our guests choose not to leave the Villa for up to 2 days, they can still enjoy a diverse and program-rich vacation.


Luxury suites, grand spaces in our adult-friendly hotel

Adult-friendly experiences begin with being able to close the door of our home for a few days behind us, figuratively and practically speaking. We let go of the everyday stress, and consciously concentrate on charging our reserves by rejuvenating the mind and body. Our adult-friendly hotel is the ideal hideaway for romance or for couples who want to reignite that special spark, while seeking new experiences. 


We believe it isn't selfish if people sometimes pamper and treat themselves. However, many people feel uncomfortable, if they admit: besides family life, they still need time for only themselves, a 'couple's night out' if you wish. Anyone who cares about their marriage, their adult-only lifestyle, the experience is, that usually their relationship lasts longer, it becomes a strong unity, an impenetrable fort. The individuals, whether male or female become more balanced, this way they can successfully conquer the world together, because we believe every individual has their own ideals for their life as a couple.

We believe the kind people who come to us, are those who love themselves, their spouse, or want to love themselves and/or their spouse again. What we offer is an adult-friendly hotel with grande living spaces where our guests can breathe again and where they can have their body and soul reignite. All this in comfort and style, which distinguishes us from the beautiful, but seemingly impersonal offer of other larger hotels. 

Adult-friendly Wellness

Opening hours: 09.00 - 22.00 

In addition to the stylish suites, our adult-friendly wellness area offers refreshing services to those arrive to our Hotel. Enjoy our heavenly, aromatic sauna, our refreshing jacuzzi, our cool, indoor pool, direct access to our garden, the gorgeously beautiful panoramic view, which under no circumstances will be broken by the sound of children's cries, nor will you experience these 'little ones' jumping into the pool. 


There are simply no words to express the kind of relaxation and recreation that is waiting just for you. This is the Erla experience that every couple, parent and grandparent desires. Just a few days without the children or the grandchildren involved. A few unforgettable days, when we only have to worry about ourselves. A few days which give us, the often forgotten adult-only lifestyle, to be able to recharge our own 'batteries' to its full state again. 


Adult-friendly gourmet restaurant


  • Opening hours: 08.00 - 22.00
  • Abundant buffet breakfast: 08.00 - 11.00
  • A'la carte lunch: 12.30 - 15.00
  • Gourmet dinner: 18.00 - 21.00


When travelling with a family or small children, we will most probably eat any left overs, such as a cold cut sandwich for our breakfast meal, and at dinner we will almost always have to chew the remaining fish fingers and fries to just get over the hurdle of cooking for the family. Compared to the classic wellness hotels, the world of Erla Villa is completely different. In our adult-friendly hotel, every guest will receive special attention. And that's where our guests will start off to make a fantastic gastronomic trip with us!


Local dishes, renowned Hungarian and Eger wines, themed gourmet dinners, wine tastings in the wine cellars hidden under our Villa  and in our stylish restaurant: these will make the experience richer in an unforgettable way which will create amazing memories, that our guest will remember for years to come, not from the photos taken during their stay, but from the delicious gourmet taste, which has been hidden in their hearts, through the love of our cuisine. 

There is no real adult-only hotel without a classic Salon!

Opening hours: 10.00 - 22.00 

The adult-friendly services in our Salon provide a time spent stylishly, which cannot really be achieved elsewhere in the region. With a central location,  in a spacious area, we summon the classic values, whilst recalling the luxurious themes of an English aristocratic lifestyle, where, besides the lively relaxation, it is possible to have really memorable conversations as well.


During their stay, our guests can relax in our elegant Salon on the first floor during the afternoon and also during the evening. The Salon's terrace has a unique view of the garden. There are a number of ways to enjoy spending time in our Salon, let that be a classical chess play, a billiard game, a pleasant conversation with a cup of coffee or a glass of beverage, our Salon is the ideal place for adult-friendly experiences.