Places to visit in Eger

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Adult experiences in the capital of baroque


It is not exaggerating to say that Eger is the capital city of Hungarian baroque. This little jewellery-box has had a history as long as 1,000 years. Its glorious warriors were commemorated in several documents and literary masterpieces. The town offers countless adult programs since valuable historic buildings, museums, vineries and thermal waters make the visitors’ trip here exciting and blissful.


It’s worth coming to Eger to enjoy the adult programs


Eger, one of Hungary’s most famous towns, has already been an episcopal center during St.Stephen’s reign. It is still comonly mentioned as the town of students, wine and baroque. External danger risked the survival of the town repeatedly during the turbulent times of history. Who wouldn’t remember for example István Dobó and the heroic soldiers and women of the Eger castle who fought successfully against the forty-fold Turkish preponderance for a month. This courage and determination still characterize the town.Nowadays it enchants its inhabitants and visitors even  more with the adult experiences and programs it has to offer.


The really exciting adult programs are of course related to culture and wine gastronomy here in Eger. The Eger Sping Fest, for example, starts off in spring every year and it begins with the launching of the famous Star of Eger. All the way till May the town is rich in programs that attract visitors even from abroad. The rest of the year is full of outdoor festivals, concerts and theatre plays. So excitement is guaranteed. Now, all you need is a quiet but close to downtown little hotel in case you get tired of tasting gourmet wines and spirits. And for this, you have Erla Villa.


Adult experiences for those who love culture


Places to visit in Eger


It’s a good idea to start roaming in the Castle of Eger. A unique view, carelully compiled permanent and temporary exchibitions and waxworks make this adventure even more exciting. Since the town was a major cultural center in the 18th century its architecture also rose high in the past centuries. A hearty walk in the crooked but amazing streets of downtown Eger where almost 170 wonderful buildings remained in their original states may be a perfect element of adult programs.


So a typical program may be to visit the Spekula Observatory, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Turkish Bath, the Rozália Chapel, the Minaret, the Baroque Minorit Church or the Greek Orthodox Church. To complete the adult programs it’s definitely worth calling on one of the wineries in town. There are a lot of wine cellars in the Valley of the Beautiful Woman because the town and its surroundings are a famous historical wine region.


The best program in Eger: wine tasting 


If you decided to take the road, for sure, you’ll want to explore the endless beauty of the area. Tha adult experiences the wineries have to offer are very popular with travellers. Let us give you some ideas for going on trips and not to get puzzled by the many possibilities.


Since the majority of the residents have been earning their living by producing grape and wine for almost a 1,000 years, it’s not a coincidence that the region has got some excellent wines. If you would like to taste them then there are some basic kinds not to be left out: the Bull’s Blood of Eger, the Egri Leányka, the Debrői Hárslevelű, the Chardonay of Eger or the Merlot of Eger are all premium wines. The oldest wine cellars in town are more than 400 years old. You can imagine all the stories they have got to tell...