The wine region of Eger

The wine region and gastronomy of Eger



The characteristic of this region that its ecological aptitudes are in favour of growing mostly white grapes. In spite of this, this region is famous for the Bull’s Blood of Eger which is made blending several red wines and in „modern wine history” this is the first wine of protected origin. Other typical wines of the Eger wine region are: the Egri Leányka, the Debrői Hárslevelű and the Verpeléti Olaszrizling.


The wine region of Eger


It’s difficult to list how many typical wines we may find here, on this 5,400 hectare area: királyleányka, olaszrizling, kékfrankos, pinot noir, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah... No wonder that Eger and this region is home for so many excellent winemakers who can earn a good living here – deservedly.


The Gál, the Vincze or the Thummerer Wineries excel other best known winemakers in the region. Of course we may taste more outstanding wines at the Juhász, the Istán Tóth, the St.Andrea, the Demeter or the Varsányi Wineries, too.


The wine region and gastronomy of Eger


The center of the wine region is: Eger


They say that the most famous and fiery wines are mellowed in the underground labyrinths of Eger. Through the opened up branches of cellars you may roam almost the whole town. These unique cellars are the favourite venues of several programs and wine tourism. The Istenes Winery, the oldest cellar of the region, can be found in the northern branch of the Valley of the Beautiful Woman. Its curiosity is that it used to function as a secret temple in Turkish times.


So the beautiful scenery invites the travellers on exciting wine-rambles. It’s worth exploring and tasting the most special wines at the wine-growers. The wine region is divided into 2 origin protection areas including Eger and 17 surrounding municipalities. Andornaktálya, Demjén, Egerbakta, Egerszalók, Egerszólát, Felsőtárkány, Kerecsend, Maklár, Nagytálya, Noszvaj, Novaj, Osteros and Szomolya belong to the Eger district while Feldebrő, Aldebrő, Tófalu and Verpelét belong to the Debrő district.


The gastronomy of Eger which tops wine-tasting


What can make a fantastic wine-tasting even better? If we visit the local restaurants after the wineries. For this very reason, the guests of Erla Villa may vary their half board. If you go for a true culinary adventure in the evening, you can exchange your gourmet dinner for lunch – this way making the most of the local gastronomy.


Along with the wineries, do not miss out on tasting food composed upon true Eger wines. A characteristic feature of local gastronomy is that dishes are made with special seasoning. Most restaurants recognized the possibilities hidden in wine-tourism therefore they bravely combine classic and modern dishes with typical Eger wines. Such dishes are: deer with cranberry sauce and Bull’s Blood or the sphere-like pancake stuffed with walnut cream and served with vanilla custard.


The gastronomy of Eger is mainly characterized by the typical features of „palóc” cuisine. So no matter where you stop by after an exhausting program you can be sure to have a nice and abundant meal and won’t be disappointed.